Nature's memory | Installation Design

The combination of the bionic principle of “tropism” (movement towards a stimulus), with a reactive spatial concept, which adjusts to the user and the use of innovative materials (e. g. Shape-memory-alloy) led to the development of an interactive arcade, which reacts to humans. 

Unused it looks like a passageway, which forms a trellis out of culm-like modules. As soon as a sensor records a pedestrian, the modules start to arch over the way and to build a temporary roof. Once the observer has departed, the installation returns to its original state. Observing the object over the period of a day, one will notice an vibrant play of lights, which evolves due to the reflections of the materials and silhouettes.

Winter 2014/15

With Prof. G. Diel and Pablo Dornhege, University of Arts Berlin
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