Light High – On the verge of perception


Light High – On the verge of perception

Assistance for the production and assembly of an extensive mixed media installation.


The installation “Light High – On the verge of perception” was realized as one of three final concepts for the International Lightart Award 2019 at Center for International Lightart in Unna. It was awarded with the International Light Art on the 7th of June 2019. […]

The installation LIGHT HIGH is aimed at guiding the perception through targeted acoustic and visual phenomena into border areas in which ambivalent experiences set in and the habitual experience of space is abolished. The starting point was the idea of a space that creates the feeling of endless falling. A mirrored ceiling together with a thin reflecting surface of water on the ground and a gridarrangement of lights are creating the spatial illusion of an infinite vertical space of light and darkness. By traversing a small bridge, the visitor can cautiously discover the immersing endlessness beneath his/her feats and above his/her head. The extent of the infinite vertical space changes through the individual viewpoint so it can be fathomed by the viewer’s movement in the freely accessible installation. […]


07.07. – 10.11.2019
Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst/
Centre for International Light Art
Lindenpl. 1, 59423 Unna
Jacqueline Hen
Light High – On the verge of perception
Light High – On the verge of perception
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