Spatial/ Material lessons


This three parted tutorial was an experimental playground for the Exhibition Design/ Spatial-Applied-Systems students at the University of Arts Berlin. During the workshop sessions the students were shown a variety of materials, tools and production methods. With an analytic approach, the students were then asked to explore shapes, textures, and material combinations. Sketching, describing and building a model were part of the assignment. The tutorial also taught the individuals how to record their artistic processes. For example through photography and the examination of light settings for spatial models. Goal of this exercise was the exploration of materials, the creation of three-dimensional constructs free from partiality and the training of a creative and analytic thinking. 

Winter 2016/17
University of Arts Berlin

Sketches and models from the students:
Christina Achury,
Junqiao Huang,
Afra Schanz and
Sira Siripatt
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